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Wire Harness

Porsche EFI S-Series Package
Porsche S-Series Wireharness for s60/s80, 2 pc wire harness with bulkhead connector, mil spec wire , Flame retardant heat shrink , twin plug or single plug operation, batch or sequential, Anti-lag, Boost control, Varo-cam control, vario-ram , launch and Traction control, pre-wired for PLX wideband kit L/R bank Sensor outputs available. 911,930,951, 993, 996 operation, please specify options when ordering.

DTA Flying Lead Harness Kit
With connector and all aux. analog connections supplied with relays, timing wheel, all applicable sensors and coils. Mil spec wire and flame retardant heat shrink , light weight and compact very easy to work with. Available fully terminated or as 2 pc full race setup with Amp bulk head connectors. contact us as prices vary due to application

E-48 Wire Harness
Fully terminated with injector plugs, ign and plugs for sensors, aux. mil spec wiring with flame retardant heat shrink same features as pro 8 harness. Available also as a flying lead or full race 2pc setup with bulkhead connectors.

E-48 Flying Harness Lead
For those who want to save and do their own engine compartment termination. Comes with all option wired , for all 4 cyl. Honda's, Toyota's, Mitsubishi, Neon's, Mini, Mazda's,etc.

DTA / PLX250 /Gauge combo
Fully integrated wire Harness and wideband Package , requires no extra wiring and and or hookups. for PRO 8, S60 Pro , E-48.

EVO Racing Setup
DTA PRO8 / G-DASH, 2pc racing harness with bulkhead connectors, anti-lag valves, injectors, 3bar MAP sensor, air temp, crank sensor kit, lap time sensor, and startup software.

Call for pricing and optional 4bar MAP sensor

P8 Pro Porsche 911 Harness
Porsche 911 2 pc wire harness with bulkhead connector, mil spec wire , Flame retardant heat shrink , for twin plug or single plug setup, batch or sequential operation, Anti-lag, boost control, cam control, vario-ram , launch and traction, for 911,930,951, 993,996 operation

E-48 Hyabusa Setup
Fully terminated for injectors with connections for ign and sensors. mil spec wiring light weight and compact.

55Pin Connector
For p8 pro

22Pin Bulkhead Connector
And pins ( AMP )

22Pin Amp Bulkhead Connector
With water proof heat shrink boot

DTA E-48 Main Pin Plug


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